The alien races of the Mythos have a wide and varied form of technologies, each one influenced by the needs or desires of each race. So, the Yithian technology seems to be devoted to science, the Mi-Go devoted to mining or war.



The somewhat phosphorescent webbing sticks to a body of either a Mi-Go or human with ease, and is difficult to remove, however, it can stop even bullets. Removing it, skin and hair is torn and it loses some of it's power, after ten uses it totally falls apart. A use is removing the armor and placing it upon someone. 

Brain Cylinder Edit

A one foot tall and wide cylinder filled with biological fluids, the brain cylinder is a chamber that a human brain is placed within, and then is kept alive. The brain can still speak, but speaks in a monotonous voice void of emotion, and with robotic tendencies in the speech pattern. 

Nerve WhipEdit

This cruel and ingenious device takes advantage of the lack of a true neural system in the fungoid Mi-Go. It fires a beam of pure white light, which, when it strikes, will cause the person to double over in pain, similar to a taser.

Earthquake Mining ToolEdit

This large box is made of copper and seems to be pitted with strange glass. This device can mine out up to five square kilometers, but causes Earthquakes as a result.