--Nuclear Chaos--


"Outside the ordered universe that amorphous blight of nethermost confusion which blasphemes and bubbles at the center of all infinity—the boundless daemon sultan Azathoth, whose name no lips dare speak aloud, and who gnaws hungrily in inconceivable, unlighted chambers beyond time and space amidst the muffled, maddening beating of vile drums and the thin monotonous whine of accursed flutes."

Azathoth is the omnipotent "Blind Idiot God" or "Nuclear Chaos". It is said to be stuck in an endless slumber and is served upon by countless lesser deities that play a maddening tune on innumerable drums and flutes to keep Azathoth from awakening, for if the great "Daemon Sultan" should awaken even for a few moments all of existence is said to be doomed as it will signal the ultimate destruction of existence as we know it.

He is the Heart of Evil thundering within the court at the center of the universe, all beings of all forms bowing to its eldritch might, those who see Him without being consumed in unholy flames doomed to insanity for life. The Father of All and the Damned of All, the Living Contradiction and The Indescribable Blind Idiot God. Mere words are not enough to express the horror of Azathoth and no sculpture nor painting can truly depict the horror that He is. 

As well as its innumerable drummers Azathoth is tended upon by horrendous dancers and is said to float in the very center of the universe or in the center of chaos itself (and hence "nuclear" may actually refer to its dwelling at the nucleus of the universe). To this day no mortal has yet entered this realm and survived, and according to H.P. Lovecraft himself it is doubtful that any who have done so would wish to continue living, as Azathoth held the same insanity inducing aura as the other Lovecraftian horrors despite it being trapped in slumber.

Azathoth is known as a Blind Idiot, meaning that He is unaware of His own existence, acting more as a natural force than a being with a mind, not even following instincts. It is said that "Azathoth" is not His true name, but lacks a single syllable. Should His full name be written out or spoken, He shall awaken, and the universe shall be destroyed.