Cyäegha, the Destroying Eye, and the Waiting Dark, is an obscure Great Old One and is characterized by its supreme nihilism and utter contempt for all things. This beastly being appears as a great, black-bodied, green eye surrounded by a mass of tentacles. Cyäegha is served by toad-like monsters known as the Nagäae (possibly a derivative of "Nagae").

Cyäegha has existed since the dawn of time and sleeps in a vast cavern under the (probably fictitious) mountain Dunkelhügel, the "Dark Hill", in Germany. The inhabitants of the nearby farming village of Freihausgarten are descended from a cult that once worshipped Cyäegha. Cyäegha's worshippers draw upon the deity for vitality but also greatly fear awakening the god for its wrath is said to be terrible.