--Human Race--

A crowd of humans.

While they are regarded as unimportant by others, it is strongly believed that the human race is inextricably linked to the Great Old Ones themselves, although different and rather inconsistent traditions touch on the origin of the human race.

It is believed that in ancient times, the crinoid Old Ones of Antarctica created earth-life for food and other purposes. They allowed various cell-groups to develop into other forms of animal and vegetable life, exterminating any that became troublesome.

They used a primitive simian ancestor of humanity for food and amusement. The inference seems to be that the simian forebear of humanity was created by the crinoid Old Ones. Another detailing account of their origins is that the Old Ones of K'n-yan appeared to be human, and might share a common origin with humanity. According to the legends of the Old Ones, Cthulhu brought them to earth from a distant part of space where conditions were much like earth.

The Old Ones were the original stock who peopled the earth as soon as its crust was fit to walk on. However, after a massive sinking of continents beneath the ocean, a million or two years ago, the Old Ones withdrew underground and thereafter evolved separately from humanity. This account differs from the first theory of how humanity came to be.