Outer God


The Outer Gods are the most powerful entities in ancient recorded history, and are to the Great Old Ones what they are to humanity. Needless to say this makes the Outer Gods so utterly alien and vast that no human could even dream of beginning to understand them; though many have tried.

The Outer Gods serve a cosmic function that the Great Old Ones do not and although they may be worshipped as gods by madmen and heretics, they care little for such things and are dedicated to their tasks without question. Although they rule over the universe they do so in a manner humans would consider chaotic at best and are totally uncaring of the plight of others.

Those who seek aid from the Outer Gods are considered blessed if the entities ignore them. If by slim chance the Outer Gods do decide to aid a foolish mortal they are doomed to an eternity of unimaginable torture and sanity-shattering events: not so much due to any malice on the Outer Gods' part but because humans simply are not capable of grasping the nature of these horrific entities. The Outer Gods are ruled over by the Blind Idiot Azathoth, with Yog-Sothoth as the second in command followed by Shub-Niggurath.