The daughter of Nyaralthotep. One of the Taints.

Taints are when a character is biologically related to a being of the mythos, be it a member of a race or a God. A good example of a tainted human is an Innsmouth citizen: Human, but also Deep One, at the same time. Taints often last generations within families, and never weaken as time goes on. All Taints require Admin Permission.

The Innsmouth TaintEdit

The Deep Ones often mate with human beings, and the result produces the Innsmouth Taint, which lasts for generations within families, and it causes the presonto slowly morph into a Deep One. However, it gives the person incredible strength. At ages 20-30, they feel a strong inclination to go to Innsmouth or a similar location, and soon will start finding an attraction to the sea, before going insane and then morphing into a Deep One.

The Yithian TaintEdit

Should one's mother or father be possessed by a Yithian at the time of one's conception, they will be marked by this taint. This Taint not only gives the person preternatural intelligence, but also allows them to see the future, through visons. The cost of this? Insanity. The person with this Taint will either become insane or is already insane.